Saturday, April 24, 2010

Le Havre and Honfleur

From the lovely village of Giverny, a walk south takes one to the Norman town of Le Havre, overlooking the harbor and facing the town of Honfleur. At least, these recreations spring from the creative mind of Miss Kaye Robbiani, who recently discovered, as sim owners are wont to do, that two sims were not enough.

Our tour starts at the Hotel Le Havre.

The hotel has a charming cottage across the way; the design of the cottage is for sale.

One could travel by boat across the harbor, and no doubt this would be a charming way to see the area as the sea breeze gently ruffles one's hair, but I took my trusty airship, and landed on the coast.

The high street, so to speak, has a number of small shops with wares by names familiar in the Steamlands, such as Mr. Nix Sands, Mr. Ambiant Kukulcan, Mr. Equine McMillan, Miss Terry Lightfoot, Miss Kembri Tomsen, Miss Audry Fotherington, Mr. Alastair Whybrow, and Mr. Storm Engineer.

To the west of the shops stand several cottages.

Behind the cottages, protected by a hill and several tall trees, is an art gallery, owned by Mr. Monty Streusel. One can sit outside at the cafe and look at the surroundings,...

...or tour the rooms of the gallery and admire those surroundings.

Back in the airship, I decided I had had enough walking for one day, regardless of how breathtaking the sights. It was time to head home and find a medicinal brandy.

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