Monday, April 12, 2010

Miss Garnet Turns Five

Miss Garnet Psaltery turned five years old and, to celebrate, did the eminently sensible thing: she threw herself a party. (Well, two sensible things: she opened a bottle of wine, too.)

High above Eyre, friends new and old came to celebrate with her.

Miss Diva Regina and Mr. Monty Streusel:

Baron Klaus Wulfenbach dances with the lady of the hour, looking beautiful and not a day over four:

Mr. Alastair Whybrow and Miss Wenderslippers Charisma:

Miss Random Wezzog, Miss Darlingmonster Ember, and Mr. Jayleden Miles, running his bare feet through the grass:

Miss Amethyst Bohemian and Mr. Zaltman Romanas, behind Mr. Whybrow:

Miss Panacea Luminos:

Herr Baron dances with Frau Annechen Lowey:

Mr. Denny Kozlov dances with Miss Psaltery:

Miss Tehanu Marenwolf and her beau, Mr. Lucien Brentano:

Miss Marenwolf, Mr. Brentano, Mr. Kozlov, Miss Psaltery:

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