Monday, April 5, 2010

Pirates of the Caledonian - On Ice!

Not withstanding the title that suggests a Disney production, Saturday's RFL fundraiser was a Deadly Serious Event.

Well, not so much. Caledon's resident Pixie and Strongman don't take themselves that seriously, even in a good cause. Cap'n Fuschia Begonia and her able deckhand Mr. Alfonse Avalanche hosted the fourth annual RFL fundraiser with a decidedly swashbuckling theme. This time, however, the deck had frozen over, making life a little easier for those on skates and a little more difficult for those attempting a graceful dance.

Below, Miss Begonia and Mr. Avalanche:

Caledon's co-captain, Mrs. Fogwoman Gray-Volare, dances with her handsome swain, Mr. Vivito Volare, with some of the vendors to benefit RFL in the background:

Miss Darlingmonster Ember, in a pirate outfit designed to induce men (and ladies!) everywhere to surrender immediately, and Miss Gabrielle Riel. Miss Riel piloted the airwaves for the three-hour tour.

I could stay for only a short time, but I enjoyed the music of Miss Riel and the assembled company.

Another happy couple: Miss Tehanu Marenwolf and Mr. Lucien Brentano, Mrs. Volare's RFL co-captain and deckhand to Miss Marenwolf's heart.

This unidentified couple needed no encouragement. I'm not certain they knew they were in Caledon...nor that they cared.

This multi-armed gent had his mobility slowed by being embedded in the ice. It did not stop him from monopolizing Mr. Avalanche's cask of rum. With eight arms, he was able to drink four times faster than any human.

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