Monday, April 19, 2010

On the Hunt in Steam Sky City

If it's spring in Caledon, it must be time for another fiendishly difficult sim-wide hunt in Steam Sky City. I was the sole representative of Clan Jameson this year, as sister was out of town for much of the weekend.

I made a small donation to the RFL kiosk mid-city and received the Completely Useless Hints. (Though, despite Mrs. Volare's best efforts, I did find that a few of them provided some guidance. I'm sure this won't happen next year.)

This year's hunt object was a tiny clank, and many of the prizes were the parts to assemble one's very own tiny clank. Of course, that would require finding all the parts. Sadly, of the 26 objects, I managed to find nine, which I consider very respectable for a few hours' work. Please do not disillusion me.

I also took the opportunity to photograph some of the rebuilt city. To all visitors: watch your step, as several spots are still under construction, and a misstep could cause you to plummet to the water below. It's quite cold, I can assure you.

One of the new areas was Miss Magdalena Kamenev's Worlds' End, a cafe and salon. It's a cozy nook where Mr. Caligari's pub used to be, in the aft section.

The problem with hunts in Steam Sky City is that one occasionally runs into shady characters such as this one:

Beyond statues with glowing green eyes, one might just find zombies guarding one of those prizes. I arrived armed to shoot my way in, grab the prize, and shoot my way out. It's possible I killed a few more zombies than strictly necessary, but it lowers my blood pressure, so I considered it therapeutic.


Fogwoman Gray said...

So glad you survived! And apparently with sanity mostly intact, too.
If you are missing parts to the robot avatar, Mr Volare has graciously agreed to ransom missing parts to benefit RFL.

Kathy Jameson said...

Thank you, Mrs. Volare! I will say without undue modesty that I have nearly as much sanity as when I started the hunt, though I realize this is a low bar.

I shall have to look up Mr. Volare and slip him some cash...all for a good cause, mind you. :)