Saturday, April 17, 2010


On the one hand, I feel guilty that I didn't get around to this before the exhibit disappeared. On the other hand, I didn't really care for it, so my level of guilt is somewhat below taking the last biscuit during tea.

Described as an "installation on thin ice," Melt seemed more like a shopping trip disguised as political correctness. The sim was designed to look like an Arctic sea. Most of the action was underwater.

The polar bear and ice cubes were cute, but that led into the cave...

...which was basically an underwater shopping mall.

Ah well, one of life's little disappointments.

Above the surface, more polar bears.

And here's an idea simultaneously both clever and annoying: ice that cracks when stepped upon. After several steps, with the cracks widening each time, the ice floe falls apart and one lands in the water.

If this installation was intended to draw attention to melting polar ice caps, or the plight of the polar bear, or climate change generally, it had far too much crass commercialism to be effective. Or maybe I just don't get Art.

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