Friday, July 22, 2011

The Caledon Quest

A little under two weeks ago, the Deans of Oxbridge announced a challenge for Caledon's visitors and residents: the Caledon Quest.

The quest starts at the Hall of Caledon, in Oxbridge.

Quest 003

Inside, a poster gives some information about the Quest, while the Caledon coin depicted below the poster shows the item for which one is looking. The poster:

Quest 004

The coin:

Quest 005

One receives a HUD at the start, which records the coins found and objects received. The coin also provides a clue to the next location. The Quest takes one across 24 Caledon sims. Some clues are very specific; others require a broader search. Some knowledge of Caledon will make the search go faster. As with most hunts in Second Life, sometimes the object is easy to find while at other times more patience is required.

After each of the coins is in one's possession, one receives a Steampunk flying chair, which one must fly into the kraken-infested air of Middlesea to complete the last mission and receive one's prize: a special topi.

Quest 001

Quest 002

The entire Quest took me several hours and reacquainted me with parts of Caledon I rarely see. Great fun to be had!

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Do you have a clue for the nunmbers 7?