Sunday, July 17, 2011

RFL Builds of the Steamlands

The night before the Relay, I snuck onto the track to look for the Steamlands' builds, and found a number of good ones.

I started in the Team Caledon camp, Hope Beach, a Victorian seashore resort, complete with bath houses, a carnival stage, and airships galore.

RFL Caledon 002

RFL Caledon 001

RFL Caledon 004

Down the road a bit was the properly piratical Armada build:

RFL Armada 001

After that I found the marvelous New Babbage build:

RFL Babbage 001

RFL Babbage 002

There was even a hope factory! Who knew that's how hope is made?

RFL Babbage 003

RFL Babbage 004

RFL Babbage 005

RFL Babbage 006

A little further down the road, I saw a build that looked ever so much like New Babbage in the winter:

RFL Babbage 007

And indeed it was! A miniature New Babbage, just because.

RFL Babbage 008

Nearby was the Steelhead camp:

RFL Steelhead 001

The two ghostly dancers waltzed on and on...

RFL Steelhead 002

Another marvelous set of builds!

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