Sunday, July 10, 2011

Under the Italian Sun

Wanderlust came over me once again, and I decided a nice Italian holiday was in order. Off I set to Il Principato di Melioria, a small island principality circa 1780. Mr. Aldo Stern, late of Caledon, Miss Sere Timeless, and Miss Dio Kuhr, late of Deadwood, now own the historical-themed sim. (Miss Kuhr writes of her experiences here and here.)

I arrived at the dock on a beautiful afternoon, eager to explore the city. As many of these quaint towns are, the dock area is heavily built up, with small homes and shops compressed together, doubtless from the time when the Roman Empire was still mighty.

The town does boast one large villa, with exquisitely manicured grounds (above). The plaza (below) is charming at sunset.

The small shop above shows that, tourist money aside, Melioria is at heart a working city.

The coffee shop is the central meeting point of the town. I helped myself to a steaming cup. In the Italian style, it's quite (*cough*) strong.

Eager to shed some layers of clothing after spending the day in the hot Mediterranean sun, I hastened to the beach, and the changing stations.

I was intrigued to see that the principality has become prosperous "thanks to low taxes, a very relaxed approach to trading and banking practices, and a welcoming attitude towards well-born tourists (and their money)." A lesson that bears reminding.

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