Thursday, July 28, 2011

More of Aether Isle and Dreadnought Isle

I continue my stalking of my new neighbors.

Continuing south down Aether Isle, past the Labyrinth, Miss Glorf Bulmer has The (insert function) Resource Centre, certainly a versatile name.

Aether Isle 7 20 11 002

The Centre comes complete with a plant that seems...vaguely threatening. "Down, boy!"

Aether Isle 7 20 11 001

Sir Zen Wormser has his long-standing FreeFlow Academy of Code Poetry across the way. Should you venture inside, and should you see a box that says "Do not touch," I urge you to heed the warning.

Aether Isle 7 20 11 003

In the foreground below is Miss Magdalena Kamenev's soothing spot, Magda's Lea. Behind it is the Volares' L'Engle Tesseract Generator.

Aether Isle 7 20 11 004

Inside the domed building are a set of mysterious controls...

Aether Isle 7 20 11 005

...and some heavy-duty equipment. If you have not experienced the sensation of the generator, I quite recommend it.

Aether Isle 7 20 11 006

On the other side of the city is Dreadnought Isle, home to Miss Elixia Writer:

Aether Isle 7 20 11 008

Dreadnought Isle also contains Mr. Burton Newell's Pumping Station, which helps ensure a clean water supply to the city, despite any stray body parts that might otherwise be in the system.

Aether Isle 7 20 11 007

Next, I venture into the city!

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