Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Home and Neighbors

Home is now the north end of Aether Isle, in an old Pullman car, situated in the shadow of the sky city. It's a cozy spot, but suits my itinerant lifestyle. I just have to remember not to irritate people in the city above. When is trash day and do they have a better disposal method than dumping it over the side?

Across the road is the C.A.T. station:
Do those things run all night? I have to remember to purchase a good set of earplugs. *shakes a fist at the noisy airship*

Next to the C.A.T. station is one of Miss Glorf Bulmer's properties. I took a peek in the window.
To more-or-less quote Tom Waits: "What's she doing in there?"

Next door to me is young Miss Samm Florian's maze and shop. The shop is quite clever: it is itself a maze, complete with sliding walls and such. One has to want the objects for sale!

More later as I wander further down the Isle and into the Sky City!


Miss D Ember said...

I like the drama angles and windlight to your pics there. You've picked a nice neighborhood for vitality and invention.

I love Samm's labyrinth shop. Scripty and visual goodness.

Fogwoman Gray said...

The nice thing about having a really large boiler for the city is that the fire makes disposal of trash and other inconveniences pretty handy. The occasional chunks of metal and bone bits being tossed over the side should be manageable. And the opportunistic critters that hang out in the waters below the city generally clean up any "accidental" falls from above.

Rhianon Jameson said...

Thank you, Miss Ember, and, indeed, young Miss Samm is quite talented, especially for her tender years.

(And Windlight settings? Am I supposed to be using those? :) Actually, I forget to do so much of the time.)

Rhianon Jameson said...

Ah, many thanks, Mrs. Volare! I had been wondering what the middle-of-the-night splashes well as a certain thrashing sound in the water.

I'm now more confident than ever that a house with a solid roof that is also a substantial ways off the ground was a good choice.

*places the Ordinal Industries blunderbuss near the bed for easy access*