Saturday, July 16, 2011

Steampunk Sim - Titus Groan

Continuing the trend toward more specialized Steampunk locales is Titus Groan, which focuses on a gay clientele.

Titus Groan 006

Above, Reignbeau's Gay Male Strip Club

Titus Groan 005

The town square

Titus Groan 004

This structure turns out to be the home of Energy Menswear

Titus Groan is the name of a novel by Mervyn Peake. Not clear what the novel has to do with the sim, but everyone needs a name.

.Titus Groan 009

An view of the town from the hilltop

Titus Groan 008

A house in the residential neighborhood

Titus Groan 003

Another view of the town square, with the chapel in the foreground

Titus Groan 002

The Engine Steampunk Gay Club

Titus Groan 001

Interior of the Engine Club

Dr. Fabre had reviewed Titus Groan in the Steampunk Tribune some weeks ago. Parts of it looked oddly familiar, and, indeed, I had seen an earlier incarnation of the Engine Club a few months back:

Engine Steampunk Colony and Gay Club 001

Interestingly, while the build itself incorporates a number of Steampunk designs, the inhabitants that I saw when I visited did not seem to embrace any form of Steampunk attire.

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