Monday, January 16, 2012

Aether Salon - Heraldry

This month's Aether Salon brought His Grace, Edward Pearse, the Duke of Argylle, to discus the subject of Heraldry.

Aether Salon  Heraldry 001

During some technical difficulties, Miss Ceejay Writer entertained the audience with an impromptu dance routine.

Aether Salon  Heraldry 006

Eventually things sorted themselves out, and the duke was on his way. He observed: "The use of symbols to identify kings goes back as far as ancient Egypt."

"England's Henry II is believed to have used a pair of gold lions as his personal arms, although the colours are unknown. His fHis son Richard, added a third lion and this symbol of three lions has continued to be the Royal Arms of England to this day."

Aether Salon  Heraldry 002

I had to leave somewhat early, but one can view the full transcript at the Aether Salon's aetheric Journal.

Aether Salon  Heraldry 003

From L to R: Mr. Addison Greymyst, Miss Rhianon Jameson, Master Satu Moreau, Miss Solace Fairlady, Mr. Linus Lacombe, Miss Darlingmonster Ember

Aether Salon  Heraldry 004

From L to R: Miss Sera Puchkina, Master Tepic Harlequin, Miss Ceejay Writer, Admiral Wildstar Beaumont, Miss Bookworm Hienrichs, Master Jimmy Branagh, Mr. Osric Worbridge, Mr. Vic Mornington, Miss Searra Weatherwax

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