Monday, January 23, 2012

Seismic Activity in Wellsian!

On what had been a lazy Sunday afternoon - I was organizing my spice rack by size, having decided on a previous lazy afternoon that alphabetically was the way to go - the wireless came to life. On the emergency frequency, Guvnah Shang's voice alerted us that there had been an earthquake of moderate magnitude in Wellsian. As a result, there were now several lava flows and several large cavorite pieces had been released from the ground.

I raced to the scene, along with several other Caledonians, to see if I could be of assistance. Fortunately, Wellsian had been evacuated before the lava flow became serious. With no one to rescue, I set about taking several pictures.

Wellsian lava flows 1 22 12 001

Approaching Wellsian from Stormhold, the cavorite is clearly visible, with some pieces already beginning to float away

Wellsian lava flows 1 22 12 002

Fire broke out as well

Wellsian lava flows 1 22 12 003

Newly-formed lava flows

Wellsian lava flows 1 22 12 004

The yard of the Bashful Peacock…I had thought Mr. Woodget would have to postpone his next Tea Dance, but, naturally, disasters in Caledon merely encourage dancing.

I am told that similar activity may be about to take place in Rocabrannagh. The situation clearly bears close monitoring.

(For those who had not heard, the Guv announced that Wellsian would become a homestead sim, rented entirely by Mr. Woodget, and that Rocabrannagh would be shut down. At the same time, one or more full sims could become duchies, so stay tuned for more on how the contours of Caledon might change.)

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