Saturday, January 14, 2012

Duchy of Caledon Cymru

It's a new year and time for a resolution. I try to keep mind appropriately modest: don't increase my laudanum intake by more than 10%, don't find new vices, and stay out of jail (except in a good cause).

I also thought I should revisit the far corners of Caledon. None of this "50 sims in 50 days" nonsense, however. A leisurely stroll, rather, interrupted by travels elsewhere and other blatherings as I feel compelled to relate.

It seemed natural to start at the southwest corner of Caledon, in the Duchy of Cymru. As I wander through our fair land, I find much that changes… and yet some things remain constant. One of those is Cymru, the home of Mr. Viderian Vollmar, a horse of a different…well, just different. (I have yet to see the mysterious Mr. Vollmar save once a year, during the Relay for Life, when he seemingly effortlessly bounds around the track, amassing lap after lap for the great glory of Caledon and the Guvnah.)

Cymru 1 3 12 001

The duchy is dominated by the immense castle. Heavily fortified and situated on the highest point in the area, the castle towers over the remainder of the duchy.

Cymru 1 3 12 002

Its iron gate is many times the height of a human being.

Cymru 1 3 12 003

Cymru 1 3 12 004

Still, the Caledon flag flies proudly over the entrance arch. May it wave forever!

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