Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Kadath Lighthouse Art Gallery

In a charming old island lighthouse resides the New Kadath Lighthouse Art Gallery, with a small number of delightful Steampunk pictures by Madame Juliana Lethdetter.

New Kadath Lighthouse 004

The lighthouse itself was designed by Miss Dragonia Decuir. The gallery opened this past October, if my scribbled notes are still correct. Madame Lethdetter describes herself as

...a graduate of the prestigious Académie d'Esprit, having studied photography for 6 years under the tutelage of the late Maître Gilbert Dion. She is the acting professor of Liberal Arts & Cross-Disciplinary Studies at Sainte Jeanne du Nouveau Paris Women's Conservatory (Conservatoire des Femmes de Sainte Jeanne du Nouveau Paris), as well as co-proprietress of New Kadath's Tiphareth Designs art and texture studio.

She has been known to archive examples of her compositions at the following aetheric frequency--

The photography displayed within the New Kadath Lighthouse Gallery represents Ms. Lethdetter's personal collection, and is not for sale at this time; however, she welcomes inquiries regarding portraiture, commission work and/or showings. Interested parties may forward such inquiries to her via notecard.

New Kadath Lighthouse 005

Below, a sample of the photographs on display:

New Kadath Lighthouse 001

New Kadath Lighthouse 002

New Kadath Lighthouse 003

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