Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Travelogue: Duchy of Greystoke

East of Cymru is the Duchy of Greystoke, managed by His Grace, Chance Takashi.

The area is comprised largely of water, with a relatively narrow strip of land connecting it to Cymru to the west and Oxbridge Village to the north. As the Duke notes, the area "is currently under construction. Please feel free to explore, but we cannot be responsible for any harm that may befall you." (Of course, the sign has been there ever since I arrived in Caledon.)

Greystoke 1 5 12 003

The ironwork bridge provides a rail connection between Oxbridge Village and Caer Firnas.

Greystoke 1 5 12 001

An aerial vehicle of unique design lies earthbound in the duchy.

Greystoke 1 5 12 002

The small covered area affords a wonderful view of the spires of Oxbridge.

Greystoke 1 5 12 004

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