Monday, January 30, 2012

Travelogue: Oxbridge

Ah, Oxbridge! Home of the oldest university in the Steamlands, its famed spires providing the inspiration for universities in a faraway country called "England."

Oxbridge 1 9 12 001

Nestled within its walls is a branch of the Caledon Library:

Oxbridge 1 9 12 002

The university has a self-guided tour for new residents, divided into several "colleges." (Naturally, I gravitate toward the College of Money and Commerce. Low breeding, I know.)

Tutors and deans are also available to answer questions. They are very patient…except with griefers and other low-lifes with bad manners.

Oxbridge 1 9 12 003

A cheery "Welcome to Caledon" sign greets visitors.

Oxbridge 1 9 12 004

Inside, the three luminaries of the land: Guvnah Shang, Vicereine Kamilah Hauptmann, and, between them, Her Majesty, Queen Victoria. Truth to tell, I think the Queen may have forgotten about us.

Oxbridge 1 9 12 005

Traveling through Oxbridge always reminds me of my misbegotten youth when I… well, perhaps that's a tale for another day.

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