Wednesday, September 10, 2008

...And the Misery Continues

I realize that Aetherial connections work more by Magic than Science, at least in my presence. Others may have a deep understanding of the way things work; I push buttons until something good happens.

I finally traced a wireless connection problem to a bad NIC card. Popped in the new card ("new" being a relative term, as it had been sitting for a while), eventually downloaded the software for it (the original installation disc having gone to some other dimension, along with all those mismatched socks from the washing machine), and - presto! - back in business. Now, why couldn't all those smart routines have diagnosed a bum card and flashed a warning at me?

Unfortunately, still intermittent problems with the modem/router itself. I'm beginning to think last weekend's brownouts didn't do my power supply any favors. Wish me luck as I argue with the nice phone company...

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