Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Evil

A little bird whispered in my ear that I had not plumbed all the secrets of the doctor's lair. Acting on a tip, I leaned back in the control chair - oh my, just as comfy as the time before! where do evil scientists shop? - and, manipulating the controls, rose to the navigation room of the structure, Lord Smashington.

As I was learning the doctor's deepest secrets, I heard footsteps. Had the doctor returned? I was trapped in the head of Smashington, my only escape route cut off from below. I shuddered to think what would become of me if I fell into his clutches. I began to regret my decision to ignore my father, who implored me to study mathematics more rigorously. (I also began to regret not taking that cheap vacation to Brighton Beach instead of this assignment.) In desperation, I pushed the last remaining button...

...and ejected from Smashington. I had used the doctor's own last-gasp escape device to effect my own escape!

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