Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On the Scent of the Fiendish Doctor Obolensky

It was a dangerous mission, but someone had to do it. That someone turned out to be me.
You see, rumors flew that Doctor Obolensky had constructed a secret lair on Aether Isle below SteamSky City. I was requested to scout it out to see what devilish plans the doctor might have in store for the nation.

I fired up the Barsoom Express and flew to Aether Isle.

I flew over the property. Hmm, my intuition told me this seemed to be the right spot.

Docking the ship, I walked to the front of the structure and, with my keen powers of observation, espied the top-hat-and-moustache logo over the archway. Again, my senses tingled; I must have found his lair!

Finding a secret hatch, I descended into the bowels of the structure. There I found several nefarious devices, including a large mine, an airship (ready for escape, if need be?), and an airlock to the water outside.

I took the elevator back up to the main level. Where was the control room? I quickly discovered the secret access panel.

and stepped inside. So *this* is where the plans are hatched! (And love the Caledon tartan on the command chair!)

Evil can be sooooo seductive. (And so comfortable! Who knew?)

But no, I had a duty to perform. This was no time to succumb to temptation. Reluctantly, with one more longing look back at the comfy command chair, I rejoined my ship and flew off to file my report.

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