Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have spent a good deal of time lately flying about Caledon, learning my way around the mighty Expedition, from Munro Imaginary Motors. Miss Munro's latest flying ship is based on the African Queen, but has the virtue of being both seaworth and airworthy.

In part, I have been practicing landing where I want to - not always easy in a craft that has forward and reverse thrust, and separate elevation controls, but works with a (deliberately-imposed) lag. But even I got the hang of it.

Coming in for a landing at the home of Her Grace, the Duchess of Sound. (The Duchess was Out.)

Approaching the tree house of Miss Martini Discovolante in Tanglewood.

And several shots of the approach to the Vicerine's airship at the Isle of the Children of Moreau. Still a ways out:

Coming in for a landing:

A shot from the opposite angle:

A successful landing! I must say, the wind does a number on one's hair!

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