Sunday, September 21, 2008

Revelry in Steam Sky City

Part of the celebration of the refurbished Steam Sky City - the post-Havok 4 havoc, as it were - included a dance in the aft section. Miss Fogwoman Gray, center, was our hostess for the evening, with music by Soliel Snook of Radio Riel. Fittingly, the musical selection was heavy on the Steampunk side, particularly Abney Park. (As far as I can tell, Abney Park is the only Steampunk-themed band that actually believes that a melody is important. To the right in the photograph below are Mr. Aberdon Enigma and Miss Fauve Aeon, cutting a rug, as I believe the youngsters are wont to say.

Some more shots, including Your Humble Narrator in an outfit by Miss Fuschia Begonia, from the Dark Victorian Emporium. Did someone say this dance was formal? Oops.

Miss Martini Discovolanti unveiled her sculpture, entitled "Harbinger of Steam," or, as I call it, "The Guv Blowing His Top."

In recognition of her work for Steam Sky City, Miss Gray was named to the Order of the Black Thorn by the Duke of Murdann. I don't pretend to understand the aristocracy in Caledon, but it seems like a well-deserved award, so bravo Miss Gray!

The aft section is the new home to the Young Women's Caledon Association, offering a home base for wayfaring waifs.

The "new" Steam Sky City has made a number of other changes. The Volare Ballroom is no more, thanks to Doctor Obolensky's attack on it with Lord Smashington. Lord Smashington is now firmly wedged where half the ballroom once stood; the other half of the ballroom now houses a branch of Miss Ilsa Munro's Munro Imaginary Motors, with a fine selection of airships. The city also has a branch of All Dolled Up, for your favorite clockwork construct. Big changes seem afoot on Aether Island, too. Exciting times for Steam Sky City!

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