Sunday, May 9, 2010

Breakfast in Babbage - Superhero Edition

Another month, another Saturday, and another edition of Breakfast in Babbage at the Clarendon. Mr. Edward Pearse was again spinning the wax cylinders on his Victrola. (His typist, meanwhile, was doubtlessly sipping a Guinness while the rest of us were coming to grips with another day.)

Today's theme was superheroes, and many revelers dressed the part. Below, left to right: Mr. Vernden Jervil, Miss Sky Netizen, Miss Kimika Ying, Mr. Pearse, and Miss Searra Weatherwax.

Below, Mr. Caesar Osterham (center). Left to right: Miss Rational Clarity, Mr. Wiggy Undertone, Miss Melanippe Karas, Miss Gabrielle Riel, and Mr. Elina Koskinen (with wings and a little tail - Superbee!).

Mr. Elilka Sieyes, Miss Breezy Carver - I was paralyzed by those legs! - and, in back, the New Babbage Clockwinder, Mr. Mosseveno Tenk.

What would a gathering of heroes be without a villain? Doctor Obolensky dropped in with his usual panache. (The doctor's typist was suffering through a hotel wi-fi connection and a tiny laptop screen, so I admire his effort at making it in-world.)

Below, I did what I could to fit in theme - Crusader Girl, perhaps? - and dance with Miss Ying and Miss Netizen.

The best costume had to go to young Jimmy Branagh, as one of the Incredibles.


Bookworm Hienrichs said...

Awww, man--I missed a chance for my first confrontation with Dr. Obolensky since he tried to kill me? Drat!

And yes, Jimmy's costume is amazing!

Rhianon Jameson said...

It would have been an unfair matchup, Miss Hienrichs: a half-dozen or more costumed heroes, plus Dr. O sapped of his powers - practically motionless! Much better to wait for a fair rematch. :)

Breezy Carver said...

/me snickers .. aww and Dear Dr. O looks so sad .. sigh.. grins @ how we cherish these most special moments in world or not *grins* indeed there is magical bond that lives and holds us true to the now what would that be .. ponders .. Steam .. That's it .. The Steam !!

Rhianon Jameson said...

The Steam...and Weird Al! It was good to see you again, Miss Breezy. :)

Bookworm Hienrichs said...

Oh, it would have been a war of words only. I consider events like that neutral ground. *grin*

I just hope I can make the next one. This is two in a row I've missed attending due to putting in overtime at work! At least I could listen to it...