Saturday, May 8, 2010

Early Pictures of Caledon Rocabrannagh

Rocabrannagh is the most recent part of Caledon to be reclaimed from the ocean. Although it is early days yet, and pioneering Caledonians are still shaping the raw landscape, I decided to pay a visit in my new vehicle.

Yes, for those days when the Hangover Two - an Expedition-class airship - seems too large, and the Barsoom Express seems too flashy, I purchased Miss Ember's "Dragonfly of Kintyre." It boasts a Cavorite helix turbine as well as anbaric turbines. Hey, I deserved it. I put a great deal of mileage on my airships, and I most certainly do not want to be stranded in the Wastelands, or a Gorean city during a slave auction.

At any rate, off to Rocabrannagh I flew. All that is there are a few houses...

...a lighthouse...

...a flag..., another lighthouse...

...and a mysterious bird's nest. I flew higher to see it more clearly.

The monstrous-sized bird did not seem pleased to see me so close to its egg. I powered the airship away as quickly as I could.

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