Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Manifesto Contest

The Mad Scientist Convention continued on Sunday with the Manifesto Contest and Costume Contest.

Below, Miss Darlingmonster Ember's Tesla coil-powered apparatus. She must have strong shoulders indeed!

Miss Stereo Nacht. One imagines Paul Hogan saying: "Naw, that's not a wrench." He pulls out Miss Nacht's wrench. "Now that's a wrench."

Our Mistress of Ceremonies, Mrs. Volare, looking quite be-tentacled:

I stood back and observed the proceedings in a strictly journalistic capacity, though I did partake in an excellent glass of absinthe. I have no idea whatsoever as to why the later pictures exhibit some camera shake.

Miss Searra Weatherwax also seems content to observe:

Herr Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (shown below with Frau Anachen Lowey) delivered the shortest manifesto: "Don't make me come over there!"

Miss Magdalena Kamenev, looking lovely in a strapless gown, delivered a spirited rant.

Mr. Garth Goode, making the rest of us hungry for calamari, channelled his inner Cthulhu during his manifesto, combining an appeal to Science (with Mr. Goode, naturally, the sole arbiter of Science) with veiled threats to the Old Ones.

Miss CronoCloud Creeggan ascended the dais to deliver her platform, which started off well with a fiery call for more shoes. This brought the ladies in attendance to her side, until the Baron noted that she never suggested the shoes be shared with her subjects. Miss Creeggan's tirade then wandered into the realm of sparkles and ponies, and never quite recovered its earlier laser-like focus.

Mr. Leintati Innovia surely surpassed the rest of the field in the "mad" portion of Mad Science, delivering a lengthy, rambling manifesto that was quite divorced from reality. Lovely, really, in its own way.

Although I had other obligations and could stay only through the delivering of the manifestos, I understand that Baron Wulfenbach's precis carried the day in the manifesto contest and that Miss Nacht won with her outfit. Congratulations to the winners! To the others, I say, "Bwa ha ha! You may not have carried the day this time, cursed be to the corrupt judges, but beware next year!"

[N.B. Please don't take my comments about the participants seriously. Everyone who participated was a good sport about the thing, and a good time was had by all. I regret not having the foresight to copy each speech for your amusement; Mrs. Volare will be doing so in the Steamlander after she sobers up as soon as she recovers as time permits. My hat's off to the lady for another successful RFL fundraising event.]


Andy said...

May I thank you, Miss J, for your most excellent reports. Had I been there I should certainly have voted for Colonel Creeggan, on the basis of your summaries of the various pitches.

I remain yours, etc
Random Merryman (as was)

Rhianon Jameson said...

I am always delighted to hear from you, Mr. Merryman, whether here or through the Twitters. (And isn't one of the nice things about Caledon that one doesn't have to be concerned with pesky things such as elections?) Please keep checking back, so I can keep my readership in the (low) double digits. :)

Mrs. Volare has been kind enough to print the text of each manifesto at http://www.steamlander.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2786 , for the edification and/or amusement of interested parties.

The Colonel certainly had the voice of the People - well, a certain fraction of the People, to be sure - though she was a little vague on her perspectives on the equitable distribution of the spoils.

Then again, perhaps appealing to popular sentiment misses the point of the Mad Scientist manifesto. Better a sinister laugh and a high-volume rant about crushing opposition and smiting enemies, leaving no doubt that the speaker intends to rule in Fear, rather than make insincere gestures toward this Democracy nonsense. A passing fad, I'm certain.

Andy said...

Miss J, the concept of 'checking back' is not one I need worry about as I have subscribed to you by the medium of Bloglines and am delivered all your utterings with the reliability of the morning newspaper. It is, almost, my one remaining link with SL. I have even been known to go so far as to read out choice passages to Miss S over the morning tea and buttered eggs. Often, she nods appreciatively. In fact, she stands at my should as I type this and wishes to be remembered kindly to your good self.

Rhianon Jameson said...

Buttered eggs! My colonial mind marvels at the concept! You and Miss Seminario are both missed. I fondly remember Miss S's humor and her dead-on Victorian writing style.