Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mad Scientist Convention in SSC

I find it difficult to keep track of all the events on the social calendar, but one I look forward to is the Steam Sky City Mad Scientist Convention, now in its third year.

Mrs. Fogwoman Volare hosted a "meet and greet" session wherein one could exchange information on world domination plans (a little coordination there goes a long way), the latest Mad Scientist fashions (one would hate to be wearing the same lab coat as the pipsqueak villain standing nearby), and minions. Good Lord, these people complain about their minions more than the aristocrats complain about their servants, and that's saying something!

I attended strictly in a journalistic capacity - no Scientist I, though I'm sometimes Mad. Well, quite often Irked, so I thought I would fit in.

Mr. Garth Goode with his famed Face Light. I stand on the right - I thought the skirt with the skulls would fit right in!

Miss Darlingmonster Ember, looking dressed to kill, or at least maim, and Miss Emilin Nakamori, looking deceptively harmless. One really can't judge a Mad Scientist by her appearance at these things.

Our Hostess, Mrs. Volare, standing next to Mr. Goode. The hat, he explained, was useful for meetings; it would take notes for him whilst he napped. I coveted the hat.

Mr. Denny Kozlov, in purple plaid.

Mr. Gray Pennell.

Miss Cutea Benelli and Miss Trilby Minotaur. Miss Benelli out-skulled me by a healthy margin. Miss Minotaur was wearing a darling lab outfit, complete with a syringe of scary-looking green liquid strapped to her arm. Just the thing to wear to a dissection!

I voted for my favorite Mad Science photo - in fact, I voted twice: it seemed like good preparation should I ever move to Chicago.

If time permits, I will drop by the building contest later and report on that.

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