Monday, May 3, 2010

Minion Build Competition

The Mac Scientist Convention continued on Saturday with a build competition. The theme: minions. After hours of hammering prims together, a dozen or so minions were ready for judging.

Caledon RFL Co-Captain Lucien Brentano judged the competition. Mr. Brentano had a unique mode of transportation on which to travel about the Oxbridge sandbox: the Noobmobile. He looks far too happy about his ride.

Mr. Brentano awarded three prizes. The first, for "Most Creative Use for a Used and Used-Up Henchman," went to Mr. Aeos Dragone for his Nooblood-Powered Clock":

Miss Martini Discovolante won the prize for "Most Likely to Make Mr. Lucien Wake Up Screaming" for her ArachnoBard:

Last, but certainly not least, Dead Vanessa Hamer won in the category of "Best Interpretation of a State Official" for Scary Des. Observe the unsettling details: two sets of arms and legs, the frightening tier meter, and, of course, the chicken:

Although all the contestants made something special, I particularly enjoyed Miss Cutea Benelli's bug-eyed creation (which also had a child monster wandering about):

I also was quite impressed with Mr. Garth Goode's Noob Minion (the Noob thing seemed to be a theme for the day):

Also notable was Miss Veleda Lorakeet's wonderfully Steampunk dress. As someone commented: "Any more gears on that and it would move under its own power."

Congratulations to the winners and to all the contestants!


Anonymous said...

Interestingly the dress was created by Miss Cutea Benelli.

Veleda Lorakeet!

Rhianon Jameson said...

Thank you, Miss Lorakeet - I should have guessed that it was Miss Benelli's work. :)

You did her quite proud, I will venture to say!