Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Austral: A Rival on the Border?

Billboards went up in Caledon, followed by advertisements in The Steamlander: land for sale in a place named Austral. The notices were signed by one Alix Stoanes, who styled himself Governor-General of Austral. A warlord, masquerading as a benign leader?* This bore further scrutiny.**

I walked briskly to the Downs airfield, took the Steamray out of the hangar, and took off due south, toward SouthEnd. After skirting Kintyre and flying through Caer Firnas, I found myself in Austral Tasman, the western of the two Austral lands.

Few structures were evident, though signs of construction were all around me. The fine bridge depicted below connected two land masses.

The clock tower served as a landmark for miles around.

As the sky darkened, an automated trolley passed though. I matched speeds with it, flying dangerously low to the ground.

At least the Governor-General appears to be a religious man, as one of the first structures was this chapel.

Still, what is the purpose of claiming this body of land so close to Caledon? If something such as this naval vessel should appear in the harbor, my suspicion will be heightened that the Governor-General has grander designs on an empire. Rest assured that I shall keep a watchful eye on this part of the world, and I implore the RCAF to do the same.

*Mr. Stoanes also mysteriously fashions himself the "Archduke of Piers." Never trust an Archduke, as they think they're one step above a run-of-the-mill Duke.

**I hope this goes without saying, but Mr. Stoanes should not take this post personally. It's meant to be in character, and in good fun. 'Kay?


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Looks like Austral has gone now: http://dankowhitfield.wordpress.com/2011/04/17/ambassador-greymyst/

Rhianon Jameson said...

Indeed, it did not last long. I don't know whether it was a victim of a change of interest on the part of its owner or just a victim of difficult economic times.

That Whitfield chap certainly gets around, doesn't he? :)