Monday, July 26, 2010

Visual Delights

Learned via a communique from His Grace, Edward Pearse:

Miss Mathilda Islay has opened a small gallery, entitled the Ancestral Delights Gallery.

Miss Islay [and I have berated myself for not grabbing that surname for an alt!] says:

Announcing the grand opening of Ancestral Delights Gallery, where history is a pleasure!

ADG is an exploration of the past through erotic art, from the sensual to the humorous. With works dating from 5,000 BCE to the Edwardian era, there is much to be learned about our ancestors, and even ourselves, by way of examining the myriad expressions of sexuality throughout the ages.

Come to purchase the paintings, vases, sculpture, and jewelry or just enjoy the scenery and available refreshments.

All age appropriate (mature) and respectful visitors are welcome!

As I strive to keep this Journal work-appropriate, I have forgone pictures of any of the artwork. Suffice it to say that these works put an end to the notion that Victorians invented the intimate act. This blushing maiden studied the paintings, swooned, then recovered to study them some more. "You mean to say that one places...that is to say, the gentleman...oh my!"*

I partook of the refreshments; namely, a large and tasty chocolate muffin. I will leave it to wiser heads than mine to decide whether there was any symbolism involved.

*One of the artists seemed to delight in exaggerating the size of the gentleman's...the gentleman's...well, you know what I mean. At least, I certainly hope it was an exaggeration.

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