Monday, July 19, 2010

RFL 2010 - Cheering on the Runners

Never let it be said that those two loners, the unsociable Miss Kathy Jameson and your humble journalist, the misanthropic Miss Rhianon Jameson, are not Team Spirited. We grumble, we whine, we complain, but, in the end, we know how to Have Fun in Groups.

Saturday morning found both of us at the Team Caledon site in the RFL Remember sim, dressed in our lag-reducing (hah!) Caledon RFL t-shirts, donated by a kind soul who shall remain nameless - mainly because I can't remember who it was - and looking very un-Victorian. Note my swank Caledon tartan scarf, worn despite the oppressive heat.

We gathered with a number of other Caledonians (and a few folk who stopped to be with us for a while, which was quite nice of them). We had little flags to wave and a nice waving animation to go with it, courtesy of Mr. Vivito Volare, whose better half is, of course, Co-Captain of Caledon's RFL team. For the Survivors lap and the Caregivers lap, we energetically cheered the runners who passed by the camp. Below, some of the well-wishers, including Miss DME herself, Miss CronoCloud Creegan, and Mrs. Fogwoman Volare.

Below, Mr. Rachire Andel and Mr. Wrath Constantine, ready to bunny-hop down the track.

Mrs. Volare and, in the background, Mr. Volare.

A closer view of Mr. Volare, looking like a clank version of the Monopoly game gentleman.

Mr. Jorge Serapis.

Her Lyonesse, Kamilah Hauptmann.

Assorted Caledonians cheering.

We were visited by a number of luminaries from years past, including Dame Lapin Paris (pictured below), the 2007 (I think) Caledon RFL captain, whom I had never before met. Dame Lapin, Her Grace Lavendar Beaumont, Miss MaeraLeFey Messmer, and 2008 Caledon RFL captain Sir Erasmus Margulis all were on hand for at least a portion of the dear.

More cheering as dark fell on the track.

See the complete set of pictures from the Relay on Flickr .)

After the first two laps, it was time for the Team lap. Kathy and I set out with several other Caledonians, whereupon we promptly became separated, first from the rest of the team and the from one another. Lag seemed marginally better this year than last (though some on ISC chat opined otherwise), but was still deadly in places. I made my lap, then retired from the course.

(Last year, I slogged through as many laps as I could, which was still, admittedly, not so very many, and had aching shoulders for the next week, mainly from mashing the "forward" key down for hours at a time. Not this year, thank you very much.)

Caledon had another fine year, along with the rest of the Steamlands. In the top 15 runners, we had Darlingmonster Ember (31.32 laps), Aevalle Galicia (30.97), Bram Hallison (28.94), Wrath Constantine (28.38), Rachire Andel (28.03), Fogwoman Gray(-Volare) (27.65), Random Wezzog (26.18), Vivito Volare (25.71), Avariel Falcon (25.18), and Annechen Lowey (22.68). Congratulations to Mrs. Volare and Mr. Lucien Brentano for a hugely successful RFL season. (Now get some rest). Congratulations as well to all the runners, particularly those who slogged it out for hours at a time.

I am told that the Steamlands also did well in the building contests - no surprise to me, as the builds were all excellent. Those builds are the subject of tomorrow's post.

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