Monday, July 12, 2010

The Eight Wonders of Caledon are Announced

Sunday afternoon, in lovely Tanglewood forest, saw the penultimate event of Caledon's RFL season: the naming of the Eight Wonders of Caledon, followed by an Auction.

A large crowd gathered in the forest to await the results. [Editrix's note: I was feeling under the weather, or I would have been there as well. - RJ] Caledon RFL Co-Captain, Mrs. Fogwoman Volare, was the mistress of ceremonies.

Miss Darlingmonster Ember and Miss Garnet Psaltery, both looking quite spectacular:

Captain Starling Alecto, Mr. Claymore Macbain (dressed in his wee tartan), Miss Stereo Nacht, and Mr. Jorge Serapis:

Mr. Geoggrey Xenobuilder, Miss Riven Homewood, and Mr. Red Quixote:

Mr. Carl Metropolitan and Mr. Excalibur Longstaff:

Your humble Journalist, with Mr. Nicolas Verne (looking very...familiar, as though he might be Herr Baron Klaus Wulfenbach's twin):

Captain Wrath Constantine and our newly-crowned Miss Caledon, Aevalle Galicia:

Mr. Rudolfo Woodget:

Miss Gerr Huntress and Captain Rachire Andel:

Mrs. Volare read the results as follows:

  1. The Fort at Cape Wrath

  2. The Clocktower at Cape Wrath

  3. Iron Cloud Fortress

  4. (tie) Caledon Oxbridge and Steam Sky City

  5. (tie) The Observatory at Caledon Highlands and the Cavorite Mines

  6. Air Kraken

  7. the Village of Brigadoon

  8. the Caledon Library System

These were met with a great deal of applause and enthusiasm. The careful reader will note that the Eight Wonders just became the Ten Wonders; such is the magic of Caledon.

The above pictures, along with a few others, may be seen at this Aetheric site.

As evening fell, the business at hand turned to an Auction of various items to benefit RFL. I could stay for only the first two items, which were a set of men's hats by Miss Regan Straaf, and an exquisite Steampunk guitar - complete with rotating gears and vacuum tubes! - by Mr. Red Quixote. Miss Psaltery (I believe) won the hats, while a fierce bidding war that brought the total to 1500 Lindens was won by Miss Autopilotpatty Poppy. Later, Miss Psaltery and Mr. Denny Kozlov were to have auctioned themselves - or, more properly put, dates with themselves, as the Guvnah frowns upon involuntary servitude.

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