Thursday, July 8, 2010

Farewell to the Greenies

Wednesday, June 23, was the last day for the Rezzable sim The Greenies.* I had visited eons ago, enjoyed the whimsical sense of humor, and had not been back since. However, I wanted to pay it one last visit.

Upon arriving, once again shrunk down to miniature size, I found that the sim had changed quite a bit in the preceding year and a half. For one thing, the arrival point provided some context as to how these unfortunate creatures found themselves stranded in a house: their spaceship crashed.

When not wreaking havoc, they lived in a dollhouse. Note the "Heritage Key" on the child's letter board, the first (but most certainly not the last) reference to Rezzable's Open Sim creation.

Ah, the joys of Hot Wheels! This one is about to become hotter than usual.

Note the Heritage Key image on the laptop:

And, though it's hard to see, the monitor in the background is showing the Heritage Key web site. Meanwhile, the Greenie who has managed to get the Coke bottle unscrewed is about to enjoy a sticky treat.

Even the purse holds a Heritage Key-related book. I wonder what the Greenie is listening to on the iPod? Aimee Mann's "Lost in Space"?

Ah, the triumph of ingenuity!

* At least, it was supposed to be the last day. As of this writing, it's still on the map, populated with plenty of green dots. An encore performance, perhaps?


vint / ann said...

OMG, is that a domino-Stonehenge? Never saw that one... thanks! =)

Rhianon Jameson said...

It is indeed, right next to the Heritage Key picture of Stonehenge. Cheeky folks!