Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Follies of Youth

As I flew about Caledon on Saturday, bobbing about in my airship without any goal in mind, Miss Vanessa Hamer flicked open the microphone on ISC chat to note that three people with guns and uniforms were firing shots in Stormhold and making general jackasses of themselves. (My words, not Dean Hamer's, naturally.)

Displaying the warmth for which Caledon is known, friends and fellow citizens rushed to see if they could help. When I arrived and parked the airship over the school house in Stormhold, and grabbed the pair of binoculars sitting next to the command console, this is what I saw:

Dean Hamer was defending the school from the three interlopers, who spoke no English; communication with them was through a translation device. As the three commandos conferred, more Caledonians arrived in a show of solidarity.

The Vicereine, Kamilah Hauptmann, arrived, unruffled as usual, sipping a cup of tea as she observed the scene unfolding.

In the end, cooler heads prevailed, and the merry band went on their way.

[Author's note: Mr. Geoffrey Xenobuilder suggested that the uniforms were from the television show Stargate. Their profiles suggested they were from Eastern Europe, and their demeanor suggested they were quite young.]

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