Saturday, March 12, 2011

Changes in Caledon Downs

The Jamesons stroll about the neighborhood again...

The horrible Gorean house is gone, replaced by a lovely Victorian home and garden of Mrs. (?) Treasa Fortis. It occurs to me, not for the first time, that it's a good thing Caledon doesn't have the same cost of real estate transactions as does that First Life thing, given the way people come and go. [Note from the Editrix: People's affections are often fickle. This lovely house is gone, and the property is now a prim farm for the Estro Estate. - RJ]

Miss Puddlegum continues to develop her properties, both in the bay near Kintyre, where a fishing spot has been established, and on the ridge.

The Haven Township sales office is gone, the land now owned by a Mr. Gaius Dabu. I must say that I found it strange to have a sales office for a different estate located in the heart of Caledon.

I'm told that Miss Kellen McKenna is looking to sell her property near the Southend border.

In more general news, the Guv apparently said on ISC Chat that Caledon now has very few vacant properties. If so, that seems to represent a substantial improvement over the case a few months back, and may signal an end to the real estate downturn.

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