Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nova Albion's Seventh Anniversary Parade

Mr. Headburro Antfarm mentioned that, on Saturday afternoon, Nova Albion would have a parade to celebrate its seventh anniversary. Who can resist a parade?

Like most parades, most of the time was spent milling around, getting ready. Well, it's hard to imagine the giant snail would have been moving terribly quickly in any event.
As befits a town turning seven, these were the oldest collection of residents I had ever seen gathered in one place - everyone was at least three, and several were over six years old! (Senility was surely setting in on those oldest. No offense, Mr. Salazar Jack.)
Sadly, I missed Mr. Antfarm, who arrived for the music later.

It's a law that every parade needs vintage vehicles.
And they're off! I'm not sure riding an animal counts as a vintage vehicle, although perhaps this really turns on the age of the animal.

As with every parade I've seen, lag rapidly became unbearable and the participants quickly separated. Happy birthday, Nova Albion!

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