Saturday, March 26, 2011

Steampunk Comes to Teens

While perusing the selection of out of town newspapers I take in order to keep abreast of activities elsewhere in the Steamlands, I came across reference to an establishment called the Queen Victoria Hotel in what was described as the "teen sim of Epic." This was not a part of the Steamlands known to me, so I made a point to pay a visit as soon as I could.

Indeed, this was a destination far from the Steamlands. The sim caters to the young (as well as the young at heart, I suppose), with a dancing establishment featuring garish colors, scandalous clothing, and an advertisement for "Awsum" attire. Excuse me while I shudder yet again. However, one spot stood out as a beacon of sanity.

The hotel had a very familiar look. I couldn't quite place it. Somewhere in the Steamlands. New Babbage? Then it came to me: this was a dead ringer for Babbage's Hotel Brunel. And, indeed, the Queen Victoria was owned by none other than the Brunel's proprietor, Mr. Victor1st Mornington.

I was attracted by the aroma of coffee inside, past the lobby. As I looked at the machine, wondering what levers to pull in order to procure a cup, the hotelier himself, Mr. Mornington, happened by. We exchanged greetings, and he explained that he wanted to bring a bit of the Steamlands to the young people of the grid, which I thought was a most noble endeavor.

The wall at the top of the second-floor landing had various pictures of the Hotel Brunel, perhaps to entice guests to make a tour of New Babbage at some point.

Rooms at the hotel are to let for quite reasonable rates. "Awsum," I thought.


Victor1st Mornington said...

*runs up and gives Rhianon a big hug*

Thanks for the great article on the Queen Victoria :)

Rhianon Jameson said...

May she be a great success!

I thought about including a picture of me smoking the hookah, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

I really did just stumble across the listing in Search (which is proof, I suppose, that Search sometimes works) and was delighted to see you there.

Miss D Ember said...

Wicked keen idea! Kudos M Mornington!