Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Port Caledon, Part 1

Our friend, Professor Tesla Steampunk, reports from Port Caledon:

I had not been back to Port Caledon in many years, ever since the disastrous explosion that leveled a full block unfortunate incident as a result of my absent-mindedly leaving a burner on that was absolutely not my fault. Anyhoo...

I took advantage of the trolley to be whisked about the town in style.

My first stop was the Northeast corner of the town, with a charming warehouse and the long-standing Phase 5 Steamworks building.

Next door is Lady Stargazer Graves' farm, followed by Templar Creations (sensibly equipped with a gas bag for a quick getaway - I can't tell you how many times such a provision came in handy).

Across the street is the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company, equipped with all manner of exciting equipment for wireless communications! I lost myself in the store for a long time.

At the head of the port is Warehouse 13, home to the famed Time Machine. I will admit I have not had the courage to try the machine, having once attempted a similar invention. My attorneys advise me to not go into details, but the machine was not a big success.

Next to Warehouse 13 is the DME Gadgets Factory, where Miss Darlingmonster Ember displays her fantastic flying machines.

This fabulous Steampunk house caught my eye and I could not help but climb up to investigate further.

By the time I made it to the top, I was out of breath and very tired. I'm sure none of the readers of this Journal have noticed, but I am no longer a young man. I borrowed a glass from the cupboard and poured myself a glass of water. After I quenched my thirst, I decided a short nap was in order, and I lay down on the couch only briefly...


Miss D Ember said...

Yes! Port Caledon is looking a bit spry in a grungy sort of way. Much industry there of late. Even a new manor house built on the northwest corner and a parklet.

I like the vaguely sinister middle eastern pavilion that is new near to the art museum of M Metropolitan.

Kathy Jameson said...

There's always lots to like in Port was one of my first haunts in Caledon. The new manor house is magnificent (and *huge*), but the signs requesting privacy suggested to our friend Tesla that he point his camera elsewhere. (He did run through the flower bed, though!)