Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just Off the Shores of Caledon...

As peaceful a nation as Caledon is, and as peaceful as her neighbors have been of late, it is always useful to know what dangers may lurk just off the seemingly calm shores of one's home.

Sometimes an island is claimed on behalf of a fledgling Steamland; these have not always lasted long. The mighty but secretive nation of IBM has long been off Caledon's eastern shores. Now a newcomer, Fromm and Goodhand, bobs gently due east of Caer Firnas. Another Steamland? I decided to investigate.

Hmm, most decidedly not a Steamland. I felt oddly dressed, as though I were out of my time.

I took a small card from a stack of such cards and read: "Fromm & Goodhand provides services in all areas that foster and promote leadership including communication, negotiation, presence, presentation, and conflict resolution." Pictured nearby were two ladies, one named Fromm and another Goodhand. I presumed these were the rulers of the land, plying their trade in "fostering leadership." (Surely the captain of any pirate crew could claim to have knowledge of the same?)

Moving through the structure of glass and metal I saw chairs arranged before a large sign that read "Getting the Negotiation Edge." Ye gods! A seminar! I fled in panic, lest Miss Fromm or Miss Goodhand catch me and force me to sit through a seminar.

Back home, I needed to calm my shaky nerves. Ahhh, that hit the spot!


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

The horror... the horror...

you had a lucky escape!

Rhianon Jameson said...

Some adventures are more harrowing than others!