Friday, March 18, 2011

Port Caledon, Part 2

Tesla continues his tour of Port Caledon:

After waking from my nap in the Steampunk treehouse, well-refreshed, I continued walking. To my left was the Takashi Labs Home Office. Such an innocent-looking building! Who knows what mischief goes on behind the doors?

Across the way was a spot called the Synergy Day Knoll, offering benches with a view of the sculpture. Naturally, I took advantage of a bench.

Next door was the new location for Emphatic Eccentricia.

The port is also the home to Mr. Carl Metropolitan's Museum of Resident Art, inspired by the Parthenon.

I also espied Nessie, lurking in the waters of the port.

At the edge of the port stands the Vicereine's cathedral, honoring Caledonians of eld in the windows.

In the central part of the port stands two buildings. The building on the left is shared by the Ballet Shop and the Masque Shop, while the Bookcase and Furniture Shop is on the right.

Standing nearly by itself, diagonally behind Warehouse 13 and to the right of Templar Creations, is Chimeric Arts and Fashions, carrying an assortment of masks for that perfect moment, at the masked ball, to whip off one's disguise, announce one's presence, and declare that the moment has come to claim one's rightful place as Master and Overlord of you pathetic rabble...

Ahem. Yes, well. One gets carried away at times.


Fogwoman Gray said...

Hmmm....Warming up for the Mad Scientist and Misunderstood Genius convention?

Kathy Jameson said...

When asked for comment, Dr. Steampunk said, "It would be delightful to see some of my old colleagues again... except for one or two chaps who seem to still hold a grudge. Oh yes, and I should probably refrain from eating and drinking during the event... keep my back to the door... bring some trusted minions to keep an eye out for trouble. l'd be particularly delighted to see Old Stinky again, especially if he's become visible again."