Saturday, August 6, 2011

All Aboard the Steam Snail

It turns out that the Steampunk Tribune and Dr. Rafael Fabre visited this site somewhere around the same time I did. "This site" is the quirky Steam Snail Headquarters of Mr. GianLuca Araghi.

The platform is apparently kept aloft by a large balloon...

Steam Snail 001

...with the help of a number of industrious clanks wearing some sort of propulsion system.

Steam Snail 002

Nearby is The Pipe, also owned by Mr. Araghi and floating high above the mainland.

Steam Snail 003

Be the Human Cannonball if you dare, Dear Reader, but beware - you may find yourself several sims away when all is said and done.

Steam Snail 004

Steampy the robot is on board the Snail to greet visitors, but he's remarkably taciturn.

Steam Snail 005

Still, this is undeniable:

Steam Snail 006


Pierre Ceriano said...

I'd like to visit there but the links land to abandonned land for sale :(

Rhianon Jameson said...

Alas, Mr. Ceriano, you are indeed correct. I'm used to builds disappearing on me, but that was quick!

(As an aside, I've never seen so much debris littering the atmosphere as in the Herald sim.)