Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to Caledon Prime

Exploring the western edge of my immediate neighborhood, I found myself in Caledon (or Caledon Prime, to distinguish it from its younger siblings) for the first time in many moons.

Near the Telehub is Miss CoyoteAngel Dimsum's estate, with gadgets sitting in a field:

Caledon Prime 8 14 11 001

The gardener has not been in some time, it appears, as the grass is quite high:

Caledon Prime 8 14 11 002

The Welcome Center still anchors the area:

Caledon Prime 8 14 11 003

Next to it is Miss Aevalle Galicia's Aether Education and Travel, providing information on a wide variety of destinations within the greater Grid, focusing on both Steampunk and Educational sites.

Caledon Prime 8 14 11 004

On the other side of the area is the wide open expanse of the Vannevar Bush Reading Room (part of the Caledon Library system), Dame Ordinal's remnant of her Ordinal Enterprises store, and a long swathe of land owned by Miss Victorian Magic, known as Centre Court. This includes her manor house...

Caledon Prime 8 14 11 005

...and this cozy Steampunk house.

Caledon Prime 8 14 11 006


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