Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Soothing Spot

After a hard day in the Steamlands - you in the back, stop laughing; I work hard some days - one sometimes needs a place to unwind and soothe the soul. Not far away from the Sky City is Miss Panacea Luminos' pastoral Victorian Gardens.

Victorian Gardens 8 6 11 001

A flower-lined path, complete with gas lamps, leads the visitor toward the manor house. (Note the floating neighbor to the right!)

Victorian Gardens 8 6 11 002

The imposing manor, with its stone exterior, overlooks a fenced-in yard to the right and a hedged garden to the left.

Victorian Garden 8 9 11 001

The stone bridges are particularly striking in the twilight.

Victorian Gardens may be sparsely populated, but what is there is beautifully done. Just right for one of those days.

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