Sunday, August 28, 2011

Numantia and Numantia Maris

Rounding out my tour of the western isles, adjoining the new Stella Maris, is Numantia and the new Numantia Maris, both owned by Miss Stonehedg Magic and Mr. Wordsmith Jarvinen.

Approaching from the sea, the stone lighthouse is the most striking feature on land.

Numantia 8 14 11 001

The town itself has a high wall on two sides, providing protection from the sea...or invaders. At the center is a castle made of light-colored stone.

Numantia 8 14 11 002

The terraced gardens provide a pathway from the castle toward the sea.

Numantia 8 14 11 003

On the far side of the island is a small village.

Numantia 8 14 11 004

Numantia Maris is a new section of the duchy, consisting of much water. The striking feature of this area is an airship mooring tower.

Numantia Maris 8 14 11 001

A grassy meadow grives way to this stone building.

Numantia Maris 8 14 11 002

The strange lands of the Caledonian West...

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