Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Avatar Games

I've now spent two enjoyable Monday evenings at the Avatar Games, a heady concoction of athletics, endurance, and entertainment. Mostly entertainment. Audience participation is not only encouraged, it seems downright crucial to these games.

Each contestant gets two runs through the course, and then all compete in a final group run. Times - including the best times of the season - are posted on a board behind the stands.

The audience stands overlooking the course (which is in a separate sim - a high draw distance is a must):

Avatar Games 8 1 11 001

Contestants must complete the course, from the starting area, across a moat, through two turning wheels, up a hill where giant balls are rolling down at the runners, up a set of steps that grows and collapses, over a wall, up another incline, to the finish line.

Avatar Games 8 1 11 003

Avatar Games 8 1 11 006

Avatar Games 8 1 11 007

Avatar Games 8 1 11 008

Avatar Games 8 1 11 011

And to make things challenging, spectators may arm themselves with a special gun that can knock a contestant off her path.

Avatar Games 8 1 11 010

I was content to merely watch and listen.

Avatar Games 8 1 11 012

Indeed, listening may be the greatest pleasure. Announcers R. Crap Mariner and Miss Honour MacMillan provide the play-by-play, the color commentary, the banter, the jokes, the complete digressions, and asides.

Avatar Games 8 1 11 004

Avatar Games 8 1 11 005

A contestant needs nerves of steel to handle the course and a strong ego to withstand the withering comments of the announcers!

The games are held Mondays at 4 p.m. SLT. on LEA3.

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