Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mr. Hax's Junkyard - Buyer Beware

I was delighted to see that the small property next to mine was now occupied. Then it hit me: this was Steam Sky City (well, Aether Isle, but the principle is the same), and one's neighbors are often...different.

"Yoo-hoo!" I called out, holding the pie I had taken with me as a prop. It was a real pie, just not of my own making. It wouldn't do to poison the new neighbors on the first day.

As I neared the building, however, I saw that it was not a residence but a brick shop, and one in run-down condition at that. The structure nearly abutted Miss Samm Florian's shop and maze and had a back that was open to the water.

Hax Workshop 004

Although the shop was empty, it was clear that the proprietor was none other than Mr. Denver Hax, whose earlier Laboratory was just down the road a bit.

He calls this shop The Junkyard, and it contains bits and bobs, including the Mark I Drama Reactor shown below. Drama, as it turns out, is a fine fuel source but just a tad unstable.

Hax Workshop 001

There's also the ever-popular Guvnah in a Jar:

Hax Workshop 002

There's even a time machine (pictured below, far right) and a teleportation device that seems to have only one destination and a unique way of getting one there (below, center). First-generation products often leave room for improvement.

Hax Workshop 003

Come to think of it, there was a great deal of broken glass in the shop. Perhaps not every device was ready for sale. Ah well, I'm sure Mr. Hax has a generous return policy - your heirs can take products back for a full refund.

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