Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Into the Sky City

It was time to venture into my large, overhead neighbor, the Sky City. I hadn't been there since the last Mad Scientist Convention, so I was prepared for some changes, and changes I found in spades!

The Control Room was the same...

Steam Sky City 7 21 11 001

...as was the end of the city nearest Oxbridge Village, with the Steam Man statue looking over the Looters' Emporium on the left and xxx on the right.

Steam Sky City 7 21 11 002

The latest incarnation of Miss Mari Moonbeam's Moonbeams store seems to be in the grasp of a giant hand.

Steam Sky City 7 21 11 004

Miss Glorf Bulmer's cafe is dominated by the geared clock on the wall:

Steam Sky City 7 21 11 005

Mr. Red Quixote has his wares in the cleverly-named The Eclectic Company:

Steam Sky City 7 21 11 006

Next door is Mr. Balpien Hammerer's InMotion Store:

Steam Sky City 7 21 11 007

Across the stern is Lady Dawn Starbrook's Starbrook Designs, Ltd....

Steam Sky City 7 21 11 008

...and her Blue Moon Teahouse, a touch of Japan in the Steam Sky City.

Steam Sky City 7 21 11 009

Also on the aft side is one of the few spots that has remained unchanged: the Worlds' End Cafe and Salon (Miss Magdalena Kamenev, proprietress).

Steam Sky City 7 21 11 014

Below, the mighty engines that keep the city aloft:

Steam Sky City 7 21 11 010

Steam Sky City 7 21 11 013

Next to the Caledon Air Transport offices is Miss Erehwon Yoshikawa's Aetheric Engineering shop, specializing in Fantastical Accessories and Impossible Devices, both of which are desperately needed.

Steam Sky City 7 21 11 011

Circling around to the fore starboard side, Dr. Garth Goode has his shoppe, Goode Inventions, stocked with a variety of indispensible doo-dads on the first floor and books on the second. (That reminds me to put out my force field to zap any intruders.)

Steam Sky City 7 21 11 012

Looking down the corridor on the starboard side, the first shop contains Kheph's Creations, Writer Steam Works, and E. Laval Aether, carrying a wide selection of Steampunk merchandise. Next is Miss Magdalena Outlander's Luxuria Mystic, carrying limited edition prints. Further down is Hax Autonomous Experiments (Dr. Croquet Hax, prop.).

Steam Sky City 7 21 11 016

Last, but not least, are the Steamlander offices (Sir Excalibur Longstaff, ed.).

Steam Sky City 7 21 11 015

Whew! I didn't get to every nook and cranny in the city, but that's quite enough for one day. I plan on keeping a careful eye on what my lofty neighbors are up to, so prepare for updates.

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