Friday, September 2, 2011

Camp Zombie

Have you ever had a hard day at the office? Has the dirigible been giving you fits for no apparent reason? In-law troubles?

I understand, friend. We've all been there. Kicking the puppy is considered a serious faux pas. Pulling out your Colt Peacemaker and going Pony Express on your boss is another serious breach of etiquette, this one liable to put you behind bars for the rest of your life.

I have just the solution: killing the Undead. Sure, it seems unsporting. They shuffle about and lunge at you with that shambling gait, arms outstretched as though they're still in rigor mortis, mumbling something unsavory about "Braaaiiiiins!" Still, it's a socially acceptable pasttime that, I assure you, relieves a great deal of job-related or personal stress.

So head to Camp Zombie, pick up your pistol, thumb the safety off, jump into the zombie-infested pit, and fire away.

Camp Zombie 002

One odd thing about the supplied gun is that the ammunition is ineffective if the zombies get too close. If that happens, tell 'em to back off, spawn of Hades, and have at 'em again from a greater distance.

Camp Zombie 004

As the young lady pictured above demonstrates, finding higher ground can be an effective strategy, turning the earth below into a charming killing field.

Camp Zombie 003

Keeping one's arms free of encumbrances so as to be able to freely reaim one's pistol is also good advice. One might also wish to consider a dress sans bustle for the same reason. (My fellow slayer went so far as to wear trousers, but this is clearly one step too far.)

Camp Zombie 001

Follow Auntie Rhianon's advice and you'll feel better in no time. Your colleagues will ask you the next day how it is that you look so relaxed. A coy smile is all the response that is needed.

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