Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hotel Rothesay

I seem to be irresistibly draw drawn to the constantly-rotating cast of characters in Caledon Rothesay. Once again, thanks to Mr. Mako Magellan's comments in the Steamlander, I paid a visit.

Miss Gabrielle Riel has decamped from her Duchy of Carntaigh, leaving the entire area to Miss Savannah Blindside, Duchess of Clarendon, and Mr. Blake Panache. The area is still under (re-)construction, but I took a few pictures.

Below, Blindside Manor:

Rothesay 9 4 11 001

Most of the earlier landscaping is gone, yet to be replaced. But the property has a pretty waterfall and small pool.

Rothesay 9 4 11 002

A new building is going up in the center of the property.

Rothesay 9 4 11 003

This scale model suggests what the finished product will look like.

Rothesay 9 4 11 004

Mr. Panache is completing what appears to be a large store and a series of elegant town homes.

Rothesay 9 4 11 005

And what of the earlier residents of Rothesay, Laird Elrik Merlin and the Duchess of Carntaigh? I happened to return to Aether Isle through Victoria City, only to find that both had property in the city. Below, Mr. Merlin's modest home, the new Brideswell Estate:

Rothesay 9 4 11 006

Miss Riel has a larger property and home, Carntaigh House:

Rothesay 9 4 11 007

They can check out of Rothesay any time they like, but they can never leave.

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