Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mieville, Part 1

I started the Steam Hunt - full of good intentions, but got bogged down somewhere in the 30s and lost, uh, steam - and noticed the large number of participating shops in the Mieville sims. I thought a little exploration was in order.

Mieville now consists of 10 sims, all vaguely Steampunk-themed (that is to say, some seem more so than others). I started in the southwest corner, in Mieville Lovelace, and worked my way through the

Mieville Map 001

Lovelace and its neighbor to the east, Poe, are both described as "Victorian Steampunk New Orleans." Lovelace itself is mostly empty, so it's hard to assess that description, but Mieville Poe definitely has a New Orleans feel to the buildings, much like New Toulouse or Caledon Cay.

Mieville Poe 001

There's even a steamwheeler:

Mieville Poe 002

Leaving Poe and continuing east, one reaches Mieville Doyle, which is described as "Victorian Steampunk San Francisco" (as are the next five sims we will encounter). The area just to the east of Poe is dominated by the Mieville Magical Academy, a sort-of Hogwarts without the millennium-old castles and cathedrals used in the talking pictures about that other wizarding school.

Mieville Doyle 9 12 11 001

The interior courtyard of the academy:

Mieville Doyle 9 12 11 002

Elsewhere in Doyle:

Mieville Doyle 9 12 11 003

The waterfront:

Mieville Doyle 9 12 11 004

Haven't I seen that quantum-physics-reading cat before?

Mieville Doyle 9 12 11 005

Of course, I can't help but stop in the local for refreshment. Below, the Laughing Penguin pub:

Mieville Doyle 9 12 11 006

Below, the Perryn Lord Mieville Theater:

Mieville Doyle 9 12 11 007

Mieville Verne, to the north of Doyle, is rural and residential, as the treehouse below indicates:

Mieville Verne 001

To the west of Verne lies Wells. Below, the Timeless Curiosities airship and shop:

Mieville Wells 001

The village in Mieville Wells:

Mieville Wells 002


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smiles love that kitty he is just so smart and quite polite !!

Rhianon Jameson said...

He certainly deserved an encore appearance. :)