Thursday, September 8, 2011


My new neighbors on Aether Isle:

First, Mr. Jerimiah Cansworth has this charming house on Glengarry border near the southern end of the island.
Aether Isle 8 26 11 001

I should say he had such a house, as it is no longer there, at least as of this writing, though he appears to still be the landowner of record. Perhaps the house merely shifted into a nearby dimension that is not visible to us, and will return soon.

Mr. Excalibur Steamlander's cottage is coming along nicely. Mr. Steamlander is, of course, the editor of his eponymous electronic newspaper, and maintains offices in the Sky City above. This cottage on the water below appears to have been dredged from some watery Atlantis, but is in remarkably good shape.
Aether Isle 8 26 11 002

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